Give your best friend the best life possible.

Give your best friend the best life possible.

We're all dog owners here. 

Which means we know what it's like to watch your dog disappear across the park after a squirrel, leaving you with a loose lead and a hoarse throat.

You see, most resources out there are all about dogs, but we're all about dog owners.

And that's a subtle but important difference - because when you learn how to make your dog happy, then you're happy!

We want to share your frustrations and your triumphs. We want to share your highs and lows. But most of all, we want to help you give your best friend the best life possible. 

Some owners make it look easy...

Their dog sleeps contentedly at their feet, whilst they proudly show you videos of the new trick they mastered just this morning. 

Meanwhile, your heart sinks as you glance at your own dog in the hallway, and realise she's chewing her way through one of your favourite shoes...

We understand.

So every interview we do, post we write or course we create has to pass the 'real-life' test - in other words, could the 'everyday owner' find a few minutes in their day to teach this to their dog? 

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