Founder Story: "Hi, I'm Al Elliott..."

Founder Al Elliott, and his dog Peanut‚Äč

"I'm passionate about giving Peanut the best life possible, but God help me, he's bloody hard work."

Yup, that's Peanut the Podenco, looking all cute on the beach, in my arms.

Go on, guess what he's staring at....

I'll tell you. It's the flock of sheep he's just spent the last 12 minutes chasing. (If I wasn't wearing sunglasses, you'd probably see the despair in my eyes...)  

Peanut is nearly 3 and despite our best efforts, he still has days where he totally ignores us and runs after something, or barks at strangers or lunges when he's on the lead.

So, no, you cannot describe me as 'a dog expert'!

In fact, it's this very reason I set up this website - to build a team of actual dog experts who can help us learn more about our dogs, and why they do the (frustrating) things they do.

I hope it's useful - oh, and please feel free to introduce yourself and your dog via Facebook. Click here to send a message to me.

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The Story of a little puppy found in a bin...

Picture of Peanut the Podenco, in the park

I've had all kinds of dogs in my life.

Collies crossed with Lurchers (that dog could run!), German Shepherd mixes, Rottweilers (I had 3, and one of them was the best dog I think I'll ever own) and now a little Podenco* called Peanut.

Yep, that's him captured above, in a rare moment where he's not obsessing over squirrels. 

*Podenco is a Spanish breed that's a kind of hound and the most common type of 'street dog'. We rescued him from a bin at 5 weeks old in Malaga, and MOST days we don't regret it - I'm joking, of course!

My wife and I do love him, but he's a proper little scamp (and a bugger off the lead).

So when I had the idea for this website back in 2017, I was actually building a resource for owners just like me.

I'm not a natural dog expert. I can't (and wouldn't want to) spend all day training Peanut.

And I'm not one of these people who has endless patience and can teach a dog to stand on two legs, fetch the newspaper and play dead on command.

All I want in life, is to be able to trust my dog, wherever I take him.

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Al Elliott, March 2017

why we do what we do

"We aren't just dog fans - we're dog fanatics..."

1. We're dog owners

We are all dog owners here, so we know exactly how you feel about your own dog.

2. We care just as much

We are fanatical about finding new ways to improve the life of your dog. 

3. We share everything 

When we find something we believe in, we share it with all our readers.

For most of us, owning a dog is not easy.

Don't get us wrong - when it's good, it's great! But when it's not so good, it can be pretty depressing.  

- Maybe your dog still messes her bed

- Maybe he goes all 'Jekyll and Hyde' when you put him on the lead

- Maybe you're worried about the best food to avoid joint problems, or what exercise is best (or worst) for the hips

Whatever your problems, concerns, annoyances or frustrations, we want to help. Subscribe to our blog, and we'll send you every single post we write, direct to your inbox.