VIDEO: 12 things your dog hates about you!

12 things your dog hates about you

Did your Mum ever say this to you:

"I love you, but I don't like you much right now..."

Whenever I heard that as a kid, I knew that I'd crossed a line, and that I was one step away from being sent to my room.

Believe it or not, your dog can feel the same about you!

There are a number of things that can upset your dog, and the guys over at Brightside have put together a brilliant video outlining 12 of them (the full video is at the end of this article).

So, here are the 12 things that your dog might hate you doing:

No 12: Hugging your dog

12 - Hugging your dog

In the wild, dogs only hug each other to assert dominance or when fighting. They cannot understand that humans use hugging as a sign of affection!

So if your dog seems to enjoy hugging, it's likely they're only accepting it because they trust you, and want to please you.

No 11: Using words instead of gestures

Using words instead of gestures

We all, deep down, believe that our dog is smart and understands what we are saying, but that's usually not the case.

Dogs respond mainly to body language and tone of voice, so by using words alone to calm your dog or correct her, you're being frustratingly unclear to them!   

No 10: Patting their head

10 Patting their head

Back in Primary School, we'd all happily sing along to 'We all pat the dog'. Turns out, dog's don't really like that!

Instead try to stroke them under the chin or on the back. (Most dogs love to be ticked in the part where the belly meets the back legs!)

No 9: Too much eye contact

Keeping eye contact

Whilst we might spend hours gazing into the eyes of the ones we love, dogs generally see this as confrontational.

Your own dog might not mind a bit of eye-to-eye fun, but don't try to stare down a dog you don't know, as it may see you as a threat that needs to be tackled.

No 8: Not having rules

Not having rules and structure

Rules and structure might be boring for us, but to a dog, it means safety and security.

The perfect dog's day is an exact replica of the day before... No changes, no surprises and exactly the same rules as before.

So letting your dog on the sofa "as a treat", actually translates in doggy language as "You're allowed on the sofa now!".

No 7: Holding the lead tightly

Holding the lead tightly

You might think that keeping a tight lead (leash) is good dog control, but your dog is assuming that you're doing this because there is danger nearby.

So when that friendly Labrador comes over to say hello, your dog assumes this is the danger you've been expecting, and snarls and lunges at the bemused Lab. 

Of course, at this point most owners then tighten their hold on the lead, creating a kind of vicious cycle that ends up with dogs that are mis-labelled as anti-social. 

No 6: Not allowing them to sniff

No 6: Not allowing them to sniff

Letting your dog sniff her way around a new place has multiple benefits, and the use of the mental energy to process these new interesting smells will help to tire your pup out.

If sniffing is interrupting your training sessions, try introducing a command like 'sniff'. This acts as a 'release' command, helping the dog understand when they are allowed to sniff and when they have to keep their nose up.

No 5: Forcing them to integrate

Forcing them to integrate

You know that person who lives round the corner, who you can't stand but have to be nice to? Well your dog doesn't understand etiquette, and is perfectly happy to growl and bark at those dogs he doesn't like (lucky them!).

So don';t apply the human trait of 'politeness' to dogs - if there are specific dogs yours doesn't like, don't try and force them to be friends! 

No 4: Being too tense

Being too tense

By now, we all know that dogs can sense our moods, so when you're tense, they feel the stress too.

This is particularly important to understand when socialising a dog or with a puppy - your dog will sense when you're tense, and this can affect their reactions to situations.

No 3: Being boring!

No 3 - Being boring

We've all been there - hard day at work, lots of jobs to do when we get home and it all starts again at 7am tomorrow!

However, despite you wanting to just fall into a chair and watch TV, your dog craves your attention.

Make sure you spend time enough time playing or exercising her before you settle in for the night to prevent acts of naughtiness.  

No 2: Strong smells

Strong smells

We already know that a dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times better than ours, so take this intoa consideration when mopping a floor with the new Flash Natural Pine effect - imagine how over-powering the smell would be if it was 10,000 times stronger...

It's a good idea to move your dog into another room if you plan to do anything that creates a strong smell.

Of course, this means your dog can smell you opening a bag of crisps from the bottom of the garden!

No 1: Bathing them!

Ahhh - it's the dreaded 'B' word!

Whilst some dogs love bath time, most run a mile the second you get the shampoo out.

We've found that smearing the taps with peanut butter can help relax the dog for a little bit, but in our house, bathtimes are still a stressful time!

The full video

What do you think? Does your dog like any of these things? Tell us below in the comments. 

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