The 7 dog blogs you should be reading in 2018

The 7 dog blogs we love in 2018

Don't get us wrong - we love writing about dogs here at woofHQ.

However, there's something special about kicking back with a cup of tea, a (small*) plate of biscuits and reading what other dog enthusiasts have written for a change.

So here is a countdown of the 7 dog blogs that we are loving so far in 2018.


*Small, but piled high!

Screenshot of Miss Darcy's blog

Miss Darcy is a Cockapoo who lives in London and her tales (dictated to her owner to type up, of course) seem to resonate with Cockapoo owners everywhere.

Well worth a flick through with your morning coffee.

Screenshot of Alfie's Diary

Alfie is an Entlebucher hound from Belgium, and what makes this blog so special is that it continues to document every single day of his life with daily blog posts.

In fact, the writer only ever missed one day when she was in hospital!

Screenshot of Stephandthespaniels website

Steph is a photographer from Wiltshire, and 'the Spaniels' are Severus and Lily, two of the most photogenic dogs you're likely to meet.

Follow Steph on Instagram (@StephAndTheSpaniels) for stunning photos of her dogs and her travels.

Screenshot of the OhMyDogBlog site

Maggie documents her life with her Pit Bull Cooper and has written several books including The Zero Waste Pet & Clicker Dog Training.

It's a great place to read heart-warming stories about the amazing Pit Bull breed - a wonderful antidote to the sensationalism often spread about these kinds of breeds.

Screenshot of The Paw Post blog

Rachel Spencer is a writer and self-confessed 'crazy dog lady' who writes about everything dog related.

Sadly, her inspiration Daisy passed away in April 2018, but since then Rachel's kept her promise to deliver regular dog news & stories.

Screenshot of Pawsacrossbritain site

This is an amazing list of all the dog-friendly places to visit and stay in the UK and should be your first port of call when planning a road trip with your hound.

In our opinion the interactive map is the best feature, allowing to you see all the dog-friendly options near your destination.  

Screenshot of CelbrityDaschund website

No roundup can be complete without mentioning the most famous Dachshund in the world.

Crusoe (named after Robinson Crusoe) lives up to his namesake by travelling the world with his amazing owners Ryan & Lauren. Featured on Ellen, Mashable & Buzzfeed to name just three, surely this is most followed dog in the world? 

Screenshot of DogingtonPost website

Whilst this is a mainly American site, it does contain all kinds of news, articles and reviews that are great for dog owners around the world.

What do you think? Are there any we have missed? Comment below and put us right.

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