The 11 Memes that all dog owners can relate to

11 of our favourite dog memes

In case you don't know, memes have taken over the internet.

Nobody's quite sure where they came from, but funny images with clever captions make up the majority of the list of the 'most -shared images' today.

We love a meme* here at WoofHQ, and here are 11 of our favourites. Feel free to share them on Instagram - just tag us in please (@WoofHQ) 

*'meme' is pronounced 'meem' - rhymes with 'cream'. We didn't know either until recently...

No 11.

Image of a dog waiting at the airport luggage belt for his stick

No 10.

3 photos of a dog being silly then the last one being serious

No 9.

Very photogenic dog

No 8.

A dog visiting santa

No 7.

Classic meme of dog on the phone

No 6.

Dog on the phone looking all business like

No 5.

Dog on a speed date

No 4.

Arlo the puppy in the car

No 3.

Image of a dog comforting a goat

No 2.

Nirvana album cover with a dog

No 1.

Image of two dogs looking like your parents on skype


Puppy carrying his own lead
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