"Every dog deserves happiness"

We'll help your nervous dog learn to love life again.

When fear ruins your dog's life...

Nervous looking dog

Does any of this sound familiar?

Some dogs are so overcome by fear, that it takes over their entire life. 

- They bark, growl or howl at any noise, (and will whine, cry or become destructive when left alone)

- They snarl, snap or lunge at other dogs (particularly when on the lead, or in a large group)  

- They treat your guests like mortal enemies (so you end up shutting the dog away, which makes it worse)

- They shake, cry, whine or completely avoid the things that scare them (leading to dangerously unpredictable behaviour, and difficulty training)

Picture of Peanut the Podenco

"This is Peanut - and he's the reason I started this school."

"You see, I know exactly how you feel, because Peanut is a nervous dog too. And I hate that his fear is making him so unhappy."

Al Elliott, Founder

Cartoon image of a dog reading a book

Enrol in the Nervous Dog School today and help your dog learn to love life again.

1. Pose your questions to our experts in our Weekly Clinic

2. Join our Monthly Workshop where we solve a particular problem together

3. Contribute to our free FB group with like-minded dog owners

4. Get involved in one of our 7-day group challenges

5. Help compile our comprehensive database of all your questions

Our mission is to build the school around you and your dog. Read on to find out exactly what you'll get when you join.

"What do I get when I join?"

  • Talk to other like-minded dog owners who have the same problems
  • Exclusive members only training sessions
  • Live weekly Q&A: Get your questions answered by experts
  • check
    Regular group challenges, like 'The Loose Lead Walk'
  • check
    FREE ebooks & manuals written by dog experts
  • Monthly Book club: Discuss the book of the month with other members
  • Regular live interactive workshops 
  • Database of your questions and answers:  Search through the archives for answers to your questions 
  • check
    Money saving deals on food, toys and training aids
  • check
    Access to our Experts Directory

Nervous Dog Facts: Did you know...?


of all dogs display some fear-based aggression


is the breed most likely to exhibit nervous behaviour


of all dogs are reported to have Separation Anxiety

Which option is right for you?

Want to give your dog the best life possible? Here are three ways you can start.

Cartoon of dog with pencil

FREE Mini-course

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Nervous Dog Sc​​​​hool

The best solution for owners of nervous dogs, who want to learn how to give their best friends the best life possible.

Enrol today and ask about our bonuses.

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One-to-One Training

We have a network of dog specialists across the UK. Just tell us what you need help with, and we'll put you in touch with an expert.  

Help your dog be a dog again...

How it works:

Join us, and you're just 3 steps away from a happy dog...

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1. Answer 5 simple questions about your dog

Use our unique Diagnosis Tool to identify the source(s) of your dog's fear

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2. We created a tailored programme just for you

We'll create a tailored programme of training and exercises designed for your dog

Cartoon of superdog

3. Watch as your dog becomes SUPERDOG!

Watch as your dog gains confidence, and starts trusting the world again


We know that you've been promised results before, and it has just not happened. So here is our guarantee to you:

If after 90 days, you’re not 100% deliriously, stopping-strangers-in-the-street, delighted with the school, then we'll give you every penny of your money back.

No quibble, no strings attached and absolutely no wriggle room. That's our promise to you.

"Pssst. You can Learn anywhere..."

Our school is available on any device, so you can take the lessons with you to the park, learn from the sofa, or ask our experts whilst you're on the move.

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Take our FREE 7 day Mini-course

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Meet the Founder

Firstly, I want to be 100% honest with you. I’m not a dog expert. Far from it.

I don’t have one of these 'dog guru' stories where I grew up with my grandfather's pack, or tamed wild street dogs in Turkey, or did a degree in Dogology at some fancy university (not sure that course exists anyway…).

Nope. I'm a normal dog owner, from a place you’ve probably never heard of (anyone else from Garstang…?), and I certainly don’t have a '5 step training blueprint' that will solve all your doggy problems in 20 minutes flat.

So who am I decide I’m the founder of The Nervous Dog School? Who am I to decide I can help thousands of UK dog owners solve problems associated with a nervous dog?

Actually, I think I’m the best person to do this because I know exactly how you feel. You see, I too have a nervous dog, called Peanut.

Yep, that's him in the photo, looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Don't believe a word of it!

"I know how you feel... because I feel the same way..."

Peanut is the first truly nervous dog I've ever had and he can be a right pain in the backside. Believe me, I've been where you are:

- I know what it’s like to have to apologise your guests because your dog is acting like they want to rip them apart like a bread roll.

- I know what it’s like to to have to tell excited, smiling children that no, they can’t touch the cute doggy, cos he’ll growl and bark in their face

- I know what it’s like to have to cross the road to avoid confrontation with dogs that you know would be perfect playmates if your dog was off the lead.

- I know what it’s like when your dog is so scared of everything, he just won’t listen to anything you say (and even sausages won’t help him climb down from his fixation).

- And, above all, I know what it’s like to lie in bed each night, with that sinking feeling in your heart that maybe your dog will never actually be able to lead the happy, care-free life that other dogs down the park seem to take for granted.

So that's why every week I scour the doggy world for guest experts to interview, great books on training, and articles, guides and techniques that are all designed to help our students give their dogs the best life possible. 

Is this right for you?

Like milky tea and Marmite, we know the school isn't for everyone.

So use our checklists below to find out if it's right for you and your dog

"YES, this is right for you if:"

  • Your dog shows aggression on the lead, but is usually fine off it
  • check
    You want to invite guests and friends round again, without having to apologise for, or lock away, your dog
  • Your dog is is territorial about the house, garden, toys or food
  • Your dog cowers, snarls or looks away when you, or someone else, goes to pet him/her
  • check
    Your dog is too scared to listen to you, or is difficult to train because of the fear
  • check
    You want to be able to walk down the street without fear of confrontations 
  • check
    You know, deep down, that your dog is unhappy and frightened, and you want to give him or her the life they deserve

"NO, this is NOT right for you if:"

  • Your dog only ever shows aggression towards one or two dogs (he’s probably not fearful - just doesn't like those dogs!) 
  • He/she is being trained to be a protection dog or a guard dog
  • Your dog is under 3 months (try googling ‘puppy socialisation’)
  • You want that ‘one curious tip’ that will solve your problem right away with no effort
  • Your dog is not fearful in any way (obviously!)
  • Times
    You are not prepared to commit time and effort to the process (nothing good ever happens overnight)
  • Times
    You're not willing to privately discuss or share your problems with our tutors
  • Times
    You're one of life’s complainers who prefers to moan about the problem rather than actually fix it!


Don't wait and just hope this will get better...

It won't (and deep down, you know it).

In fact, if left, this kind of behaviour usually gets worse. Take action today and help your best friend live their best life.

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