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I know you've got a stubborn dog,

and you know I've got a stubborn dog.

So let's tackle this problem together.

Join me on a quest to learn how to manage a stubborn dog, and go from rebellion to respect in just 15 weeks.

From the desk of Al Elliott

15th February 2018

Dear fellow 'stubborn-dog owner',

I know how you feel. I really do.

- I know that sinking feeling that you've lost him forever when your dog sees a squirrel.

- I know what it's like to put your key in the door and wonder what mess you're about to face.

- I know the shame of having to drag your barking, growling, snarling dog away from another dog, and the apolgies and protestations that 'he's not normally like this'.

The good news is that all these issues are linked to just one problem - stubborness.

Allow me to intrduce myself and the source of my frustration (and the object of my adoration, of course.) 

Picture of Peanut the Podenco, in the park

This is Peanut, and he's the most loving, playful, joyous pain the the backside I've ever known!

I love watching him run and play, but I've lost count of the times I've had to chase him across the park, shouting his name, my face red with a mix of exertion and embarrasment - and of course, he just ignores me.

I just can't understand why sometimes he's  


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